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The Metstar Tile is our version of a very popular design in the stone coated metal roofing industry. It’s design is a Spanish tile inspired wavy profile which was used on the first recorded stone coated metal roofing in the world back in 1950’s New Zealand. Because of its classic elegant appearance and being a favorite among experienced System 1 installers the Tile profile continues to be very popular today.

The Metstar Tile is a system 1 profile, it is recommended (but not required) to install with battens. The Metstar Tile comes in three standard colors.


The Metstar Shake is a perfect blend of an appealing rustic cedar wood look and with a neatly designed profile. You get the natural pattern and appearance of a perfect wood shake with the longevity and strength of a metal roof. With our stone coated finish many people cannot believe that the Metstar Shake is actually a metal roof.

The Metstar Shake is a system 1 or System 2 profile, with or without battens. The Metstar Shake comes in multiple colors.


“Metstar is proud to launch its new profile simply called Slate Plus. The Metstar Slate Plus is a product that is designed for the simplest and most affordable metal roofing system possible while still keeping an attractive look and lifetime durability. The Metstar Slate Plus can go right over top of existing asphalt shingles, eliminating the need for a messy and costly tear off.


Its sleek design makes it easier to manufacture and install, which means at significant cost savings to the homeowner. It doesn’t waste metal and doesn’t add finishing labour costs but still gives you an elegant and durable look. The Metstar Slate Plus is also designed for our planet. Not only does it save millions of pounds of roofing material from being dumped in our landfills but the finish and colors make it highly reflective. Ecologists call it High Albedo and we are proud to provide this at absolutely no extra cost to the homeowner. Actually it comes at a lower cost at purchase plus a lifetime of savings on heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.


The Metstar Slate Plus cover 50 3/8TH inches by 14 5/16th inches and come in three High Albedo finishes Silver, Charcoal, Brown. All reflect 100% of UV rays. With a Lifetime Warranty and a price that comes close to reroofing with the same old shingles, the decision is simple. Save some money, save the planet and get a lifetime roof over your head.”


Multi-Metal Roofing relies heavily on Metstar, one of the best quality roofs in the world, which ranks fourth in North America and at the same time confirms the global growth of metal roofing. Metstar is accredited with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Canadian certifications, as well as CMC Canada and NRC.


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