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A metal roof installed by Toitures MultiMétal lasts a lifetime . The products used in the manufacture of roof panels ensure a long-lasting protection against peeling , blistering and peeling.

The initial cost of a metal roof is a little more expensive than a regular roof with asphalt shingles. However, the hard metal roof lasts 4 to 5 times longer.

No. The materials used in the manufacture of metal panels undergo several treatments. Thus, they are mostly protected by a layer of zinc and aluminum named GALVALUME or various other coatings.

Absolutely! Metal shingles are made partly of recycled steel , or about 60 %. Furthermore, because they are so light , steel shingles can be installed over your existing asphalt shingles thus contributing to the protection of our environment.

You can safely walk on any metal roof without risking damage. Check with your installer .

No. It's not because you have a metal roof that it increases the likelihood of your home getting hit by lightning. The reason why lightning does not damage your roof steel is that the energy is dissipated safely on the surface of the roof allowing the electrostatic discharge into the ground. In addition, metal roofs do not allow fire to spread as it is a combustible material. This is the best choice when you live in a climate zone at high risk of forest fire.

Again, no! Metal roofing is resistant to hail damage with 2.5cm diameter. Moreover, they are much more resistant than asphalt or aluminum shingles. They also support without considerable fatigue loads of snow and extreme weather conditions without any structural or cosmetic damage .