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The Allmet Granite Ridge Shingles roofing has the appearance of a high-end architectural asphalt shingle with the strength and durability of steel coated with natural stone granules.

The beauty of dimensional shingles,
the strength of steel

As with our other quality roofing products, the Granite Ridge Shringles product is light enough to be installed directly on your over-roofing roof, to verify that the existing roof structure can support the new roof or replace it. Unlike traditional roof shingles, the Allmet Steel Granite Ridge Shringles Roofing will never be broken, is not prone to mildew, is fire resistant and has high winds.
The steel roof is designed with a ventilation on the underside. The installation of a sub-roofing screen with counter-lathing creates a sheet of air with entrance to the gutter and exit at the top of the roof. Ventilation helps to temper the roof.